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Thomas Harper Jewel - 1827

Thomas Harper Jewel – 1827

Thomas Harper Jewel 1827

The jewel depicts a key and a quill in saltire on a scroll, ‘Lancashire’ is engraved around the edge of the Jewel and on the reverse ‘Western Division’

The jewel bears the mark of Thomas Harper, TH in a plain rectangle.

It is believed that the jewel was made to celebrate the division of Lancashire into two provinces, Eastern and Western Divisions in 1826.  A celebratory meeting was held at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool.


Deacons Collar Jewel (Before 1813)

Deacons Collar Jewel (Before 1813)



Deacons Collar Jewel
(Mercury bearing a Caduceus)

Worn in Lodges founded before 1813.
On loan from the Lodge of Concord No 1250.





Holy Royal Arch Chapter Collar Jewels Pre 1813



Holy Royal Arch Chapter Jewels (Pre 1813)

The examples depicted are part of a set of hand fretted brass jewels displayed in the Museum.  They are probably locally made in the style of Thomas Harper.  Warrington at this time was famous for metal working including the manufacture of clocks and watches.




Warrington Lodge No 289 Joseph Kendal Jewel (1770 – 1780)






Warrington Lodge No 289

Joseph Kendal Jewel (1770 – 1780)

Later presented to Bro Rv HV Pigot by Bro DW Finney

(Vary rare, engraved with the name and Lodge)








Late 18th Century Plate Jewel





Late 18th Century Plate Jewel, inscribed on both sides, with Masonic symbols and the letters F.A. The white metal chain is later in date.

It is thought to have been used as an aid memoir prior to the use of written ritual books.







Lodge of Lights No 148 Centenary Masters Jewel (1865)




Sir Gilbert Greenall
Senior Grand Warden of England
Lodge of Lights No148, Centenary Masters Jewel (1865)


Past Masters Collar Jewel (1866)
The only known example of a Jewel of this style.







Personal Jewels – W Bro Jim Hands PPrJGW



Personal Jewels of W Bro Jim Hands PPrJGW

Past Master of Great Sankey Lodge No 5939 (1999 & 2001)

Past Master of Birchwood Lodge No 8861 (1995)

Donated by his Niece







Order of The Ancient Shepherds Collar Ashton Unity (Non Masonic)





Order of the Ancient Shepherds Collar (Ashton Unity)

The Order of Ancient Shepherds was a non-Masonic sickness and benefit society founded in Ashton Under Lyme, England in 1826 and which drew its mythology from biblical sources emphasising pastoral aspects of mutuality which could be exercised for and by its members.










West Lancs Provincial Grand Warden Jewel





Provincial Junior Grand Warden Jewel, West Lancashire Province

On loan from the West Lancashire Provincial Grand Lodge