Meet the Team

  • Museum Staff

    The Museum Team, entirely voluntary, consists of Vic, Curator who is responsible for the day to day running and care of the museum and its exhibits. Caroline is our Archivist and researches the background on our exhibits and assists Vic.

  • Meet the Team

    • vic-charlesworth
      Vic Charlesworth
      Curator & Trustee

    • Caroline Crook
      Archivist & Trustee

  • Museum Trustees

    The Museum has seven Trustees: Barry Jameson Chair, Bob Timmis Secretary, Vic Charlesworth Curator, Caroline Crook Archivist, Mike Williams, Masonic Hall Co. representative, John McIntyre Warrington group representative James Cartledge Treasurer.

    • Barry Jameson – Chairman

    • Bob Timmis – Secretary

    • Jim Cartlidge – Treasurer

    • John McIntyre – Warrington Group Representative

    • Mike Williams – Warrington Masonic Hall Co. Representative

  • Non-Trustee Volunteers

    The museum also relies on others, who althouth not formal Tustees, are none the less crucial to the running of the Museum.  These include:

    Michele Hill, who is the Curator for Tameside Museums & Galleries and also acts as the Mentor for Warrington Museum of Freemasonry.

    Chris Betts who is the Webmaster for the Museum.

    Dave and Carol Anderson who maintain and develop the displays

    Peter Beck who photographs and and catalogues the items.

    And many other who have give their time freely.

    • Michell Hill – Mentor

    • Chris Betts – Webmaster

    • Dave Anderson – Display Development & Maintenance

    • Carol Anderson – Display Development & Maintenance

    • Peter Beck – Photography