Thomas Harper Lodge 9612

Members of Thomas Harper Lodge No 9612 Visiting the Museum

On Saturday 9th March 2019 Warrington Museum of Freemasonry were delighted to host the March meeting of the Thomas Harper Lodge from the Province of Warwickshire. The Lodge was founded by members of the ‘Jewels of the Craft’ group in 1996, which itself was founded in 1990 by like minded collectors of Masonic ephemera. The Lodge meets three times a year, their installation meeting is held in its home Province, the other two at Masonic places of interest, usually one in the south and one in the north of the UK.

The day started with an informal opportunity for members to examine and possibly purchase items of interest under the auspices of Jewels of the Craft, this was followed by a committee meeting and lunch.

Vic Charlesworth the museum curator took the visitors on a tour of the Masonic hall and then did a short presentation to the assembled group of some of the more interesting artefacts held by the museum, particularly those relating to the renowned Masonic jewel maker and designer Thomas Harper. During the walk round I gleaned some really interesting information relating to our collection of Masonic jewels.

Following the dispensations from Warwickshire and West Lancashire being read the lodge was opened at 3.00 pm in the small temple by the Worshipful Master Michael Bunce, who then delivered an interesting paper entitled ‘Honourable’.

Following the meeting the 29 Brethren present were joined by their ladies for an excellent social board.

The Brethren of 9612 had travelled from many diverse areas of the country including Hampshire, Essex, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Yorkshire and of course our own Province of West Lancashire, however the prize for the greatest distance travelled went to a brother from Perpignan France.

Vic Charlesworth

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