Visit of the NHS Fellowship to the Museum

Members of the NHS Fellowship Visiting the Museum

On Tuesday 5th February Vic Charlesworth was pleased to welcome 36 members of the NHS Fellowship to Warrington Masonic Hall.

The meeting got off to a lively start with Dave Harding the hall manager providing tea and coffee for the group at short notice.

Vic gave a spirited talk about Freemasonry in general and endeavoured to dispel some of the myths of secrecy which have plagued the Craft for many years. “Well I didn’t know that” was heard several times. The talk was very well received and led to a lively question and answer session. The talk was followed by a tour of the Masonic rooms and a visit to the museum, unfortunately due to restricted space our visitors could not fully appreciate many of the exceptional artefacts we have on display, the general consensus of opinion within the group was that they would like to have a further visit to gain a greater insight into this ancient and venerable institution.